What Excites Me Most About Travel

So I heard that Beautiful Destinations is opening up applications for their team to the public for the first time! Part of the requirements is making a video about what excites you most about travel. So I went ahead and made one with all new footage that I had lying around, all shot in the Philippines this time.

(This is NOT the actual video I submitted on Instagram, because the terms and conditions indicate that it can't contain likenesses of other people aside from me.)

As usual, it's got me blabbing over it. Here's what I say:

What excites me most about travel?

It’s the stories you find, and the stories you live

about the people you meet, and the person you become

that you share with the pictures you take, and the things you can make

that connect you to a world bigger -  and smaller - than you ever imagined.

As always, I don't really expect to get it, because these things are very subjective and a lot of factors come into play, but I thought that, pass or fail, if would be great to make a new video with my unused footage. I always like to think that, if you make it so that you enjoy the process, winning or losing is secondary. Had fun making this, and I have a new video after months off --- that's pretty good, and anything else is a bonus!