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All Night Astrophotography Adventure in Zambales!

An all-night astrophotography adventure in search of great night skies in Zambales to practice shooting with my new star tracker, the Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Mini. Photographer Angelo Mendoza and I explore more areas of San Felipe and Botolan for landscape photography, starry landscapes, and time-lapse.

Mobile astrophotography stacking tutorial

Our previous photography road trip to Zambales

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Gear used:

Vlog shot on iPhone X

Edited on FCP X

Music licensed via Epidemic Sound

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A Time-lapse and Landscape Photography Trip to Zambales!

Behind-the-scenes vlog of a landscape photography and time-lapse road trip with photographer Angelo Mendoza in Zambales, Philippines, in search of spots for sunset, astro landscapes, and sunrise. We explore the area and I share some insights and shooting tips along the way!

Find Angelo's amazing work at http://instagram.com/angelomendo

Special thanks to Sorrento Sunwear for sponsoring my sunnies. I'm impressed with their high quality but affordable HD polarized sunglasses that I've traveled with a lot over the past few months. In this video I'm wearing their Jetsetters. Find them here:



My gear in this video:

  • Sony A7RII

  • Sony 24-240 f/3.5-6.3

  • Samyang 24mm f/1.4

  • Sony Zeiss 55mm f/1.8

  • MePhoto RoadTrip tripod

  • Formatt Hitech Firecrest 10-stop ND Filter

  • Rode Videomic (2nd gen)

  • iPhone X

  • Boya BY-MM1 mini shotgun mic

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Shooting Beautiful Landscapes on my iPhone X

This week I’ve made two YouTube videos on my experience with the iPhone X as a photography tool!

The first video talks about how, ever since I upgraded from an iPhone 6 to an iPhone X, I’ve been leaving my Sony A7RII at home more, for reasons including improved image processing, the telephoto lens, 4K video at 24p and 60p, portrait mode, and RAW shooting and editing. If you’re into the more technical side of things and been wondering if you should upgrade from a previous generation iPhone, this is the episode for you!

The second video talks about how my most popular landscape photo on social media this year was shot on an iPhone X and what that unexpected occurrence taught me. In this video I address the issue of the gap that exists between how we regard our work and how the audience receives it by digging into the question: If an iPhone photo that took me seconds to capture and edit is more popular than photos that took so much more effort to shoot and process, does that mean that the effort I put into the latter actually doesn’t matter?

Hope you enjoy and learn something from this week’s twin episodes! The truth is that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed shooting with the iPhone X as compared to my iPhone 6 and have gotten surprisingly good results from it. Check out my current gallery of iPhone X photos below (click on each image to see larger):

A morning in Sagada. iPhone X JPG, telephoto lens.

Elevated view of Bontoc. iPhone X JPG, telephoto lens, unedited.

Flying into Siargao. iPhone X RAW DNG shot and edited Lightroom CC mobile.

iPhone X RAW DNG shot and edited Lightroom CC mobile.

Spectacular morning landing in Rome. iPhone X RAW DNG shot and edited Lightroom CC mobile.

Tappiya Falls, Batad. iPhone X live photo converted to long exposure.

Dead tree on Sabang Beach, Baler. iPhone X live photo converted to long exposure.