Aaron Palabyab (Photo credit: Angelo Mendoza)

Aaron Palabyab is a filmmaker and a photographer specializing in travel-oriented content and time-lapse photography.

Originally trained and working in film and commercial production, he worked as a director and cameraman before branching out into new directions as his travels took him around the world beginning 2014. Since then, the work he has produced from travel and expanding his practice have brought multiple international awards and recognition for both his photography and film work.

Currently, he is focused on developing factual content, his YouTube channel, and pursuing freelance directing and camera work. His latest work is the upcoming indie food series Lasa Explorations: Cordillera.

Alongside his own professional and personal work, he is also pursuing an international art practice as part of Kometa, a collaborative duo with Polish artist Agnieszka Rowińska.

He is based in Metro Manila, Philippines.

Browse through his photography here, his video work here, his commercial work on his Vimeo page, his time-lapse clips, reviews, and vlogs on his YouTube channel, and his writing on his blog.