Revisiting the Colorful Tradition of Pampanga with Chef Sau Del Rosario (2019)

In this introduction video for his demo at San Sebastián Gastronomika 2019, Chef Sau del Rosario revisits his roots in Pampanga and talks about how the catastrophic eruption of Mt. Pinatubo effectively paved the way for him to pursue his dream of becoming a great chef. We get to know some of his favorite hometown food and then learn from the native Aetas about their own indigenous cooking methods.

Directed, shot, and edited by Aaron Palabyab
Produced by Sau del Rosario
Assistant Director - Colene Tan
Associate Producer - Chloe Cauguiran

"The End of the World" (2017)

A profile on and collaboration with Polish artist Agnieszka Rowińska. Our first work as a collaborative duo, now known as Kometa.

Created for Syrp's Everyday Humans Short Film Competition 2017 & winner of its Creative Filmmaking Award. Check out their awesome time-lapse and motion control gear at

Director, Camera, Editor, & Time-lapse: Aaron Palabyab
Talent, Animation, & Artwork: Agnieszka Rowińska

Original Score: Jason Richmond

Produced during Nes Artist Residency, October-November 2017, Skagaströnd, Iceland


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