"A Second" (2012) 

Troubled by the memories of a lost love, a young man attempts to lay his regrets to rest by recreating his story – but with a different ending.

**Official Selection - Shorts From the World, 15th International Eskisehir Film Festival**
**Official Selection - International Film Festival Manhattan NYC 2012**
**Finalist - Short Film Category - Crystal Palace International Film Festival 2012**

Directed by Aaron Palabyab & Pong Ignacio
Cinematography by Pong Ignacio
Screenplay by Camille Pilar & Aaron Palabyab
Based on a short story by Camille Pilar
Produced, edited, colored, and scored by Aaron Palabyab

Cast: Aaron Palabyab, Dominique Garcia, and Reg Claravall

"The End of the World" (2017)

A profile on and collaboration with Polish artist Agnieszka Rowińska. Our first work as a collaborative duo, now known as Kometa.

Created for Syrp's Everyday Humans Short Film Competition 2017 & winner of its Creative Filmmaking Award. Check out their awesome time-lapse and motion control gear at

Director, Camera, Editor, & Time-lapse: Aaron Palabyab
Talent, Animation, & Artwork: Agnieszka Rowińska

Original Score: Jason Richmond

Produced during Nes Artist Residency, October-November 2017, Skagaströnd, Iceland

"No English" (2017)

“No English” a social experiment in which two new friends from different countries voluntarily decide to spend the day together without speaking English, their only common language, for one entire day, during their artist residency in rural northwest Iceland.

The film follows Aaron, a filmmaker from the Philippines, and Agnieszka, an artist from Poland, as they try to survive household chores, the cold outdoors, bad food, and each other, while understanding nothing of what the other person is saying.


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