"To Those Who Would See Wonderful Things" is my heartfelt tribute to travel and travelers, inspired by a life-changing 80-day "mini-retirement," the highlight of which was two months in Latin America.

You know the story: discontent twenty-something leaves his job to go far across the world, in search of new experiences, new stories, and a new sense of self. He sees amazing things, ticks several items off his bucket list, meets a colorful cast of travelers and locals, goes through all the ups and downs, and comes out of it richer than he ever imagined. He comes to understand that the world is so big, and yet so small - and that he belongs to it.

This video is about that story. Well, it’s about me —- but I hope that in some way or another, it’s about all of us who wander but are not lost.

I wanted to do something more than just another montage to show off my travels because, as my hero Rolf Potts says, “Telling the story is not nearly as important as living the story.”  One’s own experience of travel is far more important than showing it off —- something we’re all guilty of in the age of Facebook and Instagram.

In that spirit, I wanted to make something for all travelers, to help us relive the incomparable high of being out there on the road. This is the result of that attempt, shaky footage and all. Everything here was shot, by me or someone with me, in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and Mexico, on my trusty GoPero Hero 3+ and Panasonic GH3. The focus at every moment was just to have a memory of the moment without getting in the way of the experience.

I hope it's able to remind you of the magic of your own journeys, or inspires you to make your own. Find a transcript of the voiceover here.

Of course, I would be remiss not to thank Aaron Gonzales of Point Bee Multimedia Inc. for his beautiful work on the musical score, my awesome friend Christine Herrin for the handwritten titles and constant travel inspiration. 

And of course, all the people who appear in the video:  Jess, Chris, Zoe, Julio Cesar, Amelia, Andy, Olivia, Saloni, the two Shanes, Vinny, Jamie, Emma, Kathleen, Sacheen, Laura, Delia, Diego, Alice, Tine, Jack, Matilda, Delfina, Clara, Gabriel, Sonia, Sara, Jordy, Tamara, Ryan, Jessica, Casey, Chantal, Tito, Jessy, and everyone else I met along the way.

Thanks for watching and safe travels, friends.

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