72 Hours in Armenia

Prior to doing the Grand Trans-Siberian Express, we went on a whirlwind three-day tour of Armenia. Like most people from my part of the world, I had very little, if any, preconceptions about Armenia, and what I found is a country not only replete with landscapes, but possessing a deep, well-preserved ancient history, a pronounced sense of identity, and beautiful, friendly people. I hope to have captured some of that experience in the video above.



Yerevan, capital of Armenia

Looking at the great holy mountain of Ararat from the top of Yerevan Cascade

Posing with local kids in front of the Matenadaran, the manuscript museum of Armenia, in the capital Yerevan. The locals were very friendly and curious about us.

We had the privilege of doing a televised interview where we invited Filipinos to visit Armenia. Taken at the Yerevan Cascade.

The foot of Yerevan Cascade

A factory tour followed by a traditional dinner and dance performance at Megerian Carpets


Echmiadzin Cathedral, mother church of Armenia

Looking up at Mt. Ararat, the incredibly massive holy mountain and symbol of Armenia

The entrance to the grounds of Echmiadzin Cathedral

Khor Virap Monastery

Khor Virap Monastery, with Mt. Ararat looming in the background

Wider view of Khor Virap with both peaks of Mt. Ararat

Panorama from the top of the hill at Khor Virap

Noravank Monastery and Areni in Vayots Dzor Province

Roadside views en route

Noravank Monastery

Stunning valley view driving out from Noravank

Looking out from the Areni-1 Cave Complex, where the world's oldest known shoe (5500 years old) and winery (6100 years old) were found!

Wine tasting at Areni Wine

Our host and guide Varditer. We found a field of lavender on the way back to Yerevan and couldn't resist the opportunity to take photos.


Geghard Monastery

The view from the road leading to Geghard Monastery

Preserved interiors that look like a movie set

Inside Geghard Monastery

Garni Temple

Garni Temple, an Ionic temple from pre-Christian Armenia (ca 1 AD)

View from Garni Temple

Lake Sevan

Views on the road to Sevan

Another view of Mt. Ararat

Lake Sevan

High mountains behind Lake Sevan

Last evening in Yerevan

The lobby of Opera Suite Hotel, the beautiful, modern hotel we stayed in at Yerevan. Hands down one of the best hotel rooms I've ever stayed in.

For more info, visit https://operasuitehotel.com/en

Evening rush in Yerevan

The Singing Fountains at Republic Square in Yerevan

One final look at majestic Mt. Ararat at sunrise from onboard our Aeroflot flight to Moscow for the Grand Trans-Siberian Express

Special thanks to Varditer Harutyunyan of ABIC LLC for being a gracious and tireless host and tour guide in Armenia. For more information about Armenia tourism, do visit their website at www.abic.am/en/.

And many thanks to Regina Laquindanum and Lizette Jocson of Aeroflot Russian Airlines for having me along for this trip. If you are from the Philippines and would like more information on booking this trip, you may contact Aeroflot Philippines at:

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