Sierra Madre Skies

My spontaneous trip to the Sierra Madre in Quezon last weekend in search of a good shot of the Milky Way shot with my friend, director/cinematographer Dustin Uy, was a success! I'll detail more about the trip and how we shot the images in a future post, but for now, I'd like to share this edit of footage I shot on the trip with everyone, featuring my first attempts at astro time-lapse photography.

Me as I line up another Milky Way shot. Photograph by Dustin Uy.

Seeing all the jaw-dropping imagery shared everyday on the Internet, it's become my ambition over the next few years to create an expansive film composed of stunning imagery from all over the Philippines, in places both known and unknown. The video above is sort of a teaser edit of what that film might look and feel like.

Best in full 2K with good headphones or speakers! Thanks for watching!