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A Photo and Time-lapse Journey Through the CORDILLERAS

For five days, travel photographer Angelo Mendoza and I explored the Philippine Cordilleras, going off the beaten path in search of grand but unseen views and waiting to catch the most amazing light. In the process, we had one of the most incredible travel experiences of our lives, right up there with my most memorable adventures abroad.

CORDILLERA MOUNTAIN LIGHT is the time-lapse film that came of it, also including footage shot over the past year in Benguet, Mountain Province, Ifugao, and Kalinga.

The first two episodes of our PHOTOGRAPHERS EXPLORE series documents our unforgettable journey in search of those shots.

In part 1, we explore along the Halsema Highway, following it across Benguet and into Mountain Province, fall in love with Mt. Mogao in Tadian, and eventually stumble upon the most spectacular, unforgettable sunset.

In part 2, we move on from Tadian into the lesser-known Central Cordillera of Ilocos Sur, starting with the town of Cervantes. From there, we head up and explore up and down the dramatic, steeply-rising Tagudin-Cervantes-Sabangan Road, with its majestic views of the valley in Cervantes and the mountains of Mountain Province. We visit Bessang Pass and search for viewpoints while dealing with erratic weather, and finally drive all the way down west to the coast, seeing some of the most beautiful little-known mountain roads of the Cordillera along the way.


Produced by Angelo Mendoza & Aaron Palabyab

Shot and edited by Aaron Palabyab

Still Photography by Angelo Mendoza

Aerial and time-lapse photography by Aaron Palabyab

Additional videography and time-lapse by Angelo Mendoza

Additional Still Photography by Aaron Palabyab