My Minimalist Camera Setup for Trekking (Feb. 2016 Edition)

Finally back to blogging! Today, I’m sharing a quick rundown of my minimalist night/landscape photography setup that I use for demanding hikes on Philippine mountains. When you’re hiking all day long, even the tiniest bit of extra weight can bring misery, not to mention the fact that how you carry the weight makes all the difference.

Here’s a more or less complete picture of all the camera gear I currently bring when hiking:

MeFoto RoadTrip Tripod
Hoya 77mm Variable ND Filter
B+W 77mm Circular Polarizer
Varavon Battery Pack for A7 series
Black Diamond Spot 130 lumens headlamp
Lens cloth
Sony A7RII
Samyang (Rokinon) EF 24mm f/1.4
Commlite Canon EF to Sony E adapter
Generic Sony IR remote
25 centavo coin for screwing in tripod plates
GoPro charger cable
GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition
Joby Gorillapod Video
Spare battery for GoPro
Sony and Wasabi Power NP-FW50 batteries for A7R II
Wasabi Power A7R II charger

Not in picture: Lowepro Inverse 100 AW Camera Beltpack -Black

This is still missing some stuff that I’m saving up for (e.g., Professional ND and graduated ND filters with corresponding filter holder, a Sony 16-35 f/4 lens, etc.), but this has gotten the job done for me pretty well.

That’s it for today, will be posting more information and tutorials from here on in! Have a great weekend and happy travels.

Gear Post: Carrier Pro ZIG Bag x Organizer for GoPro Cameras

Simple "unboxing" video I made to show everyone my first look at the Carrier Pro ZIG, a unique and well-designed bag/organizer for your GoPros and all their accessories. I really appreciate all the thought that went into the design of this product because traveling with cameras and all their accessories, even one as small as a GoPro, can be a pain and small stuff gets misplaced easily.

Created by Gian Rosales, it is a proudly Philippine-made, crowdfunded product. I'm only too happy to support a world-class product from a homegrown entrepreneur.

Order your own Zig here!